Job Descriptions

The club has various vounteer roles that are required to ensure the smooth running of the club.  Each volunteer role has a job description.  These job descriptions have been adopted from Swim England.  As well as job descriptions, Swim England has Good Club Guides on some roles. We are in the process of updating these following the change in name from ASA to Swim England.


Chairperson : Job Description : Good Club Guide


Secretary : Job Description : Good Club Guide                                       

Treasurer Job Description : Good Club Guide

Membership SecretaryJob Description

Welfare OfficerJob Description : Good Club Guide

Health & Safety OfficerJob Description 

Training & Developement OfficerJob Description

Fund Raising OfficerJob Description : Good Club Guide

Officials Co-OrdinatorJob Description 

Swim21 Co-OrdinatorJob Description 

Open Meet Co-OrdinatorJob Description

Poolside HelperJob Description 

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